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This uniquely featured new age vehicle is designed and manufactured in Europe. The Fun Tech 50 Scootcar is now available in Australia, Asia Pacific, USA and its protectorates.

It has been fully approved by the the relevant federal authorities in Australia and by the DOT (Department of Transport) in Washington. In the US all vehicles come with an individual United States VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) riveted to the front body. The DOT has classified the vehicle as a Moped / Motorcycle.

The Funtech 50 has three support wheels and for added safety two stabilizer wheels at the rear, seat belts, wind screen wipers, roll bar and the occupants are seated inside the frame of the vehicle unlike regular mopeds. The safety stabilizers only come into contact with the ground through harsh turning conditions. We have gone to great lengths to make this the safest and user friendly Moped available in our regions. It is available in Left and Right hand drive.

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